White Shirt Experiments

How do open secrets manifest in intimate materialities, from buildings to bodies? White Shirt Experiments is a series exploring physical forms of speaking (back) to political power through photographs, found objects, videos and movement. The photographs allude to structural forms of open secrets. Move-on questions the embodiment of power that facilitates open secrets. Tread is a negotiation of staying when pressed to acquiesce or leave. This round of experiments is set in the artist’s current personal space in Birraranga/Narrm (so-called Melbourne), calling upon layers of spatial connections – the artist with their home country, Singapore, the ties between public and private, and the geographies of the internet.

White paint is left on a window from painting the windowsill
Next to a light switch, a piece of duct tape is stuck on the wall and roughly painted over with paint whiter than the wall’s off-white
Two sets of three holes in a door frame from where a door was hinged multiple times
A drooping standing fan with writing that says good working order
Close-up of clothes drying rack with white plastic coating cracked or fallen off
Wood below a window sill splintering. A person’s shadow is cast over it.
Top-down view of three objects in a row on a white platter
Front view of mouse-shaped pumice stone with narrower end broken off, facing viewer
Front view of clean-looking tissue folded in a wedge shape with layers fanning out on the left underside
Front view of tissue crumpled and compressed into small mouse shape with bluish grey tinge
Front view of three objects in a row on a white platter