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This is old news but I thought you might want to know. I kissed my friends ex boyfriend in a bush at the seaside fair. it was fine like but we were obviously just drunk and having fun. and of course everyone was such bitches about it. this girl came up to me and was like “i know what u did” and i was like u broke up with him ages ago in the summer and she was like “i was going through a tough time with my dad” like….? nothing to do with me honey. it was a huge drama and she ended up going and sitting w this other group of girls who are all very cool but I bet in five years time they are gonna be married to a guy from high school having babies to try and get some meaning in their life. Anyway that all happened ages ago and i was pretty hard bc none of those people would talk to me. Then it came out that my other friend had actually slept w this guy (i just kissed him) and this girl stopped being mad at my and was mad at her instead. its so boring. we’re young and theres no one in this town like why can’t we all just hook up w each other and have fun instead of being so hectic about everything.

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this is my personal blog. if u want to know what happened scroll down to the bottom and start reading. when you are done click the phone to move on. please dont tell anyone ok?


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guys dont worry my mum doesnt know how to shut it down she just took my phone ill have to lay low but ill be back, love you guys xoxoxoxo