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If you've been following me for a while then you'll remember this, but people keep asking me for an update on the teacher. Look it didn’t work out. I saw him the next day at school and I he totally ignored me so I thought myabe he forgot or just wasn't going to bring it up. Then as I was leaving he asked if I would meet up with him. I ended up waiting for him for ages and just when I thouhgt he woulndt come he arrived and we had this amazing kiss in the rain. He was so hot guys seriously I know you don't think an english teacher could be but I swear. We were doing sylvia plath in class and I was reading and every time i said daddy I looked right at him and he half smiled like uh so good. But then when i would see him around at school he would look at my like I was a child. so we sort of kept hooking up but then we had a school dance and I was kissing this other boy and he saw and looked so sad. So i tol dhim sorry but I don't want to miss out on my time here waiting until I leave so I can be with you.He was so upset and I said please dont hate me and he said he could never hate me. Anyway it was actually pretty easy bc he was just a student teacher and left two weeks later. And its not like I'm going to have a crush on Mr Thomas ugh

anyway what do u guys think? was i right to leave him? or should i have tried tomake it work... let me know xoxo

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this is my personal blog. if u want to know what happened scroll down to the bottom and start reading. when you are done click the phone to move on. please dont tell anyone ok?


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guys dont worry my mum doesnt know how to shut it down she just took my phone ill have to lay low but ill be back, love you guys xoxoxoxo