Amy: Ok, sorry, I know you said you’re gonna tell me tonight but I have to know. Who is this guy?


Reis: (laughter) Amy, um so, this guy is infamous because he actually used donations to fund his wife’s “rap career”, and it sounded as bad as you can imagine


Amy: Oh my god, what? She had a rap career?


Reis: Yeah, I mean, "career". The one song is terrible. And like, I’ve also heard that they coerced people to donate in the first place. It’s kind of cooked


Amy: What?! That’s wild, oh my god


Reis: The scariest part is, when I was younger, my mom was trying to figure out what religion she wanted to join, and we actually went there a couple of times because we actually live close by


Amy: Oh my god, Reis!


Reis: I could’ve been a totally different person! ...It’s so fucked now that I think about it. They separated us cause they have different services for kids right. They could have literally said anything to these children

Amy: Oh... that's actually pretty bad

Reis: Sorry, I didn't mean to be a downer. That’s not quite what I wanted to say, it was meant to be a bit funny—


Amy: No that was, it's like... It’s  a bit interesting. I think everyone—I mean, if you want to tell people tonight I feel like it's kind of cool—well it's not cool, it's kinda serious—it's actually kinda serious... but it's super interesting!


Reis: Yeah I getcha,  I getcha... yeah maybe... we’ll see, we'll see...