Harriet: Are you still there?

Reis: Yeah... just thinking.

Harriet: Yeah, I guess,  sorry if that’s weird for you to hear. I just kind of really needed to tell someone 

Reis: No, don’t - don’t - I appreciate your apology. And um,  it is important for you to share. Um, and it also kind of impacts like how I interact with them as well, or like with you in the group and things and—

Harriet: Yeah, yeah. No, I don’t - yeah, I don’t wanna make that harder for you or anything

Reis: No, no it’s fine. I mean, it’s between you guys. It’s just a bit awkward

Harriet: Yeah, I’m just a bit nervous about tonight really 

Reis: Mm. Well, look, why don’t we check in beforehand. We can get ready together and then—

Harriet: Oh, that would be - thank you. That would be really great

Reis: Mm. And - and, you know, who knows what could happen? Like, with the way the group is, like, you know, things will probably pop up and it’ll be really distracting and fun and give you a bit of space

Harriet: Yeah... yeah, I hope so... and thanks for being really cool about it 

Reis: All good. I’ll ring you after work. It’s going to be fine 

Harriet: Ok, thank you. Talk later 

Reis: Later.