Anny: Louise “Harry” or “Henry”?

Freya: Louise “Henry” I’m pretty sure. Why do you know her?

Anny: Freya, I can’t even…

Freya: Oh my gosh, do you know her?

Anny: Yes. Ok and if I tell you this, you have to PROMISE that you won’t say anything when you guys see each other again

Freya: Ok…

Anny: And PLEASE don’t say anything tomorrow night, everyone will grill me so hard

Freya: I promise, I promise! What happened?

Anny: Far out… so I had a crush on this guy that I met at a festival a couple of years ago, and he was kind of interested, but not really, but kind of. So I was trying soooo haaard to get in there and a friend told me ‘look now might not be the time, because he is kind of seeing this girl Louise…'

Freya: Louise Henry!

Anny: Yes! Anyway, I felt like such a loser for trying so hard and then I ended up meeting this girl out one night and she was SO AMAZING. So I ended up trying to impress her to regain some of my pride back somehow

Freya: Why?!

Anny: I don’t know why! I was a mess!

Freya: Haha ok...

Anny: There was a group of us sitting down for drinks, and I was so desperate to make a good impression, she was talking a bunch about that show Charmed and everyone was like “fuck, yes I love Charmed” and I just joined the hype being like, “yes Charmed” and then she looked at me and said “what witch would you be if you were in Charmed” and I was like, fuck, I have never friggen seen this show…

Freya: You haven’t?!

Anny: I know literally nothing about Charmed

Freya: Noooo

Anny: I went dead silent for like, a full minute, and then I just said, “I need time to think about it, they’re all so good”. And she was like, ok that's weird and then everyone just continued chatting but I had FULLY DIED!

Freya: Anny, I’m so sorry

Anny: It was so bad.