Amy: I know I shouldn’t have done it Charlie, but his phone was just there and he said his ex messaged him the other day and I have his passcode because, obviously, we’re in love and I just wanted to see what she said like I have this pathological need to know people's private stuff and so I read it and it was fine obviously because we’re in love but then I thought I’d be the bigger person and tell him what I did and I thought well because I’m confessing like thats good of me but now he’s actually angry at me and I don’t know what to do!


Charlie: Yeah so, so what?


Amy: What?


Charlie: It's not a big deal.


Amy: Uh it is kind of a big deal actually Charlie—it's my life?


Charlie: I just don't understandwhat the problem is here?


Amy: Well I’m firstly really upset and I might not even be able to come tonight!


Charlie: Why wouldn't you be able to come tonight?


Amy: Because I’m emotionally disturbed!


Charlie: No I don’t care! I’ll see you tonight ok? Byeeeeee


Amy: Uh... uh, yeah, ok... I'll come...