A complete list of every page and lightbox (pop-up box) in between here and when i tell you

By the phones (in order)

The primary way to navigate the webstage is through the 'phone line', by clicking the telephone buttons. This is a list of all the pages in order of their appearance on the phone line:

Extras and Easter Eggs

All the other pages and lightboxes you might happen across throughout the webstage:

From 'The Starting Point'



Way ;)

From Alice Wheaton

Where Did Maddi Go Instagram account

From Amy Spurgeon

author reveal

old blog

Shhhhh_Angel (warning: this is an earlier version of Amy's work and as such does not have alt-text or captions)

From Anny Biagioni

Behind the scenes snippet

From Qi Zhang

Sad Charlie

From Luke Macaronas