Some bits and bobs we've made that might be useful...

Digital Art Directory

Collective member, Freya McGrath, made this digital art directory for anyone looking to understand more about what digital art is and where to find it. 

It’s filled with the amazing work of artists and companies from around the world who have been cooking up ways to make and present performance in these strange new circumstances. 


If you need a little inspiration – dive in!  

Index of Pages and Lightboxes

If you're finding navigating the web-stage a little challenging, or you just want to know exactly how much is in there, we've made this index. It is a complete list of all the pages and lightboxes within 'The Work' of between here and when i tell you.

Movement Jam Playlist

Collective members, Anny Biagioni and Reis Low, made this playlist for our Movement Jam event, but you're welcome to use it for your own personal grooving!


Each track was inspired by one of the works of between here and when i tell you. Can you work out which one they each refer to?