Three events designed to give you (our audience and community) opportunities to experience the practices of the Dirty Laundry Collective. Be a participant or an observer. Sign up for one, or all three. Meet the artists and gain a taste of the approaches used to create art works and foster a collective.


For captioning of live events, we recommend using in conjunction with Zoom.

An open laptop screen. On the screen a person in a white fluffy skirt is dancing on their bed. The image splits into three, overlaying in bold RBG colours.

The Dirty Laundry Dinner

This event has passed

Thursday 22 October, 7pm      |      90 min      |      Zoom      |      Free

We do dinner a little differently…


The Dirty Laundry Collective and Union House Theatre welcome you to the opening night of between here and when I tell you.


Before you draw back the curtain and begin your exploration of our program of online performance experiments, encounters and events, you are cordially invited to join us for dinner.

As the light falls, and a chill descends we will meet you in a private corner of the internet for an evening of food, conversation, games and intrigue.


Come meet our eclectic bundle of artists, let them tell you a story, lead you through a dance. By the end of the night, we hope you’ll feel a little warmer.


RSVP and an invitation, with further event details (including suggestions of byo snack ideas!) will be mailed to you shortly.

a person is in a yard surrounded by trees and other greenery. The photograph captures them mid movement; their arms folded above their head, their body angled and their left leg extended while their right leg keeps them grounded. They sky is blue in the background

Movement Jam

This event has passed

Friday 23 October, 3pm      |      90 min      |      Zoom      |      Free

Creating movement with members of the Dirty Laundry Collective


The Dirty Laundry Collective and Union House Theatre invite you to an afternoon of movement.

A workshop for the ‘exploratory creative’. Come and join Reis and Anny, two movement-makers from the Dirty Laundry Collective, for an afternoon of free movement jamming and a shared insight into process.

Get a glimpse into the movement practices that these artists engaged in for the making of works as part of the UHT project – between here and when I tell you.

Reis and Anny will take you through some collective and individual approaches to movement creation in an online world. Whether you want to indulge your body for the afternoon, or aspire to devise performance through movement – this workshop is for you.


No prior experience required.

Love and Loathing on the Internet.PNG

Love and Loathing on the Internet

This event has passed

Saturday 24 October, 11am      |      60 min      |      Zoom      |      Free

A lecture about art and identity in the digital age


The Dirty Laundry Collective and Union House Theatre invite you to roll out of bed for a playful lecture-performance and forum.

You’ve explored our program of online experiments and encounters – between here and when I tell you. Now, round out your experience with this chance to

hear from members of the Dirty Laundry Collective about what even is a web-stage and what did they discover while making it.

Join Dirty Laundry Collective members Alice and Luke to ask: If we’re all performing ourselves online, what’s the difference between digital “art” and everyday expression? How do you safely perform online, maintaining both your own privacy and your audience’s peace of mind? What are we missing out on, when we’re looking at art on the internet?

Saturday morning is as good a time as any to ask the big questions – join our creative team as they as playfully search for meaning in a digital-art-age.